Aswin Sivaraman


I am a music technologist and web developer, currenly researching machine learning applications in music and speech processing. I am a PhD student at Indiana University's Intelligent Systems Engineering department, working under Prof. Minje Kim as part of the SAIGE research lab. I am also a proud alumni of the University of Illinois department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

As a researcher, I have worked at Amazon, and as a software engineer, I have worked at Qualcomm and Viasat. As web developer, I have worked on and off at Yellow Box, helping numeorus small businesses establish their digital presence.

In my spare time, I like to compose and mix electronic dance music, watch and review films, as well as take photographs whenever possible.

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Latest Posts

Travel Advice: Tokyo & Kyoto

This post is a long time overdue, but since a few friends of mine have asked for my trip itinerary, as well as general advice with regards to travel in Japan, I figured it was time to write this out...

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Using Python to interactively map travel

I did a lot of driving in 2017, so much so that I thought it'd be nice to chart it all out interactively in a video. Thus, Mappr was born. It is a Python program which parses city data and location...

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Turns out you can't go wrong with PHP

Welcome to the latest iteration of my website for 2018! Thematically, it's the same as the former, but a ton has changed under the hood. Here are the major changes...

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