Aswin Sivaraman

Music Browser

I wanted a way to browse my personal vinyl record collection, with the ability to sort and filter by artist, genre, and year. So I decided to make a web app of it. This project utilizes my own custom-made API, which fetches metadata and images from Discogs as well as Spotify. It is dynamic as well; for any new records I get, all I need to do is scan the barcode on my phone, and it will promptly appear on the browser. Since I just redid my website and moved to a new town, I gotta set my Raspberry Pi up and rehost the webapp...

Built with: Javascript Angular Python

Resume Viewer

I am a firm believer of the design idiom "separation of presentation and content". So why was I fumbling around with formatting my resume in Microsoft Word? No clue. So I made a web app which displays a given resume in a "print preview"-style viewer. The resume itself is completely separated between its content and its design. I can swap out CSS styles on the fly or add sections to my resume with a few lines of plain-text.

Built with: Javascript

"You Clonely Live Once"

Game built with friends in under 24-hours, earning 1st-place in the 2014 Fall UIUC Gamebuilders game jam, judged by developers from Bungie. The theme was "you only live once"; we interpretted this literally by creating a brutally difficult puzzle game where players controlled blue box clones that move synchronously. If the timer ran out, the game screen would become covered in blood. By focusing on unique gameplay and stylized presentation over graphics, we greatly differentiated ourselves from the competition.

Built with: Python PyGame

"Pidgeon Rangers"

Yes, we know they are doves, but whatever. This was another project made with friends in under 24-hours as part of the 2014 Global Student Game Developer Competition. We had to create a game that was inspired by this picture. In our game, you play as a pidgeon/dove who descends into a cave to save his friends. Dodge the bats, watch out for the floating stalagmites, and use each bird's unique powers to traverse the cavern! I specifically contributed to the game's level design and external resource handler.

Built with: Python PyGame